What Motivates Us

We wanted to take the time to let you get to know Sweet Blossom Gifts better, and what motivates us to do what we do. We began in 2012 with a simple mission, which was to help hard-working women artists market their goods. We quickly found that customers loved the handmade pieces that we were […]

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CEPUDO: Expertise in Honduras

Today’s update comes from CEPUDO (Capacitación, Educación, Producción, Unificación, Desarrollo y Organización) and Food for the Poor in Honduras. CEPUDO serves some of the poorest communities in Honduras with programs that touch everyone from infants to elders. Their program areas include: agriculture, educational centers and schools, community development, water projects, health, training and recreation centers, […]

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Growing Expertise in Rwanda

Today’s update comes from Bob Kacvinsky, an agronomist and longtime SPI partner. It’s a rare treat for us to receive such a detailed report of seed distribution and training. We often say that our resources are not a handout. Gardening is hard work, and Bob’s report is a good illustration of the planning that goes […]

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Hope Opens Doors in Northern Nigeria

Hi folks, Today’s update comes from Kathy Barrera, the Program Director with Hope Opens Doors in Nigeria. Hope Opens Doors works with Mothers Welfare Group, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing care for some of the most vulnerable women and children in rural Northern Nigeria.  Kathy Barrera wrote us recently to share their plans for […]

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Gardens Support Whole Health

If you’re familiar with our programs, you might know that many of our partner communities are located in outlying or isolated regions. Today’s report from the Rotary Club of Manila 101 in the Philippines is different. Working with schools throughout the Philippines, this Rotary focuses on gardens that can thrive in an urban environment. “Urban […]

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